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What is CEO?

The Collegiate Entrepreneur’s Organization (CEO) is a very unique club at Clarkson University.  Members of CEO Club are given the opportunity to run various business ventures, beginning with the creation of the business plan to the actual implementation of the business project.  One of our largest business venture is the Kiosk, which we sell various Clarkson apparel and memorabilia. Another interesting component of CEO Club is that members of the club are given the chance to actually experience living with the people that they will closely work with throughout the year.  The CEO Floor, located in Moore House, contains about 25 club members who are constantly working hard and gaining valuable business experience.  Currently, the floor members are in the process of creating a coffee kiosk business which will be located in the Snell Atrium.  Projects like these give members hands-on experience and knowledge that they are able to discuss in interviews for both internships and real-world jobs.  CEO Club also believes that philanthropy is very important; the Club is actively involved in Breast Cancer Awareness Month, allowing members to give back to those in need.

In CEO Club, members have the opportunity to learn entrepreneurial skills from guest speakers, form lasting bonds and friendships, and even have the chance to attend a national CEO Conference in Chicago, where members meet entrepreneurs from around the globe!  With various leadership positions up for election each year, members are able to gain large amounts of leadership experience that they will take with them for years to come.  Also, special events such as the CEO Networking Dinners, allow members to meet recruiters who will be attending the Career Fair, and give them the opportunity to network with these people before the big day.


The Clarkson University CEO Chapter strives to provide its members with hands-on real world business experience while adding value to the students, the Clarkson's Campus, and the surrounding community.  We foster an environment where leaders can grow and develop their managerial abilities, while understanding risk and how to look for opportunities to better their entrepreneurial spirit.

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Our vision is to grow a diverse membership and develop entrepreneurial abilities at Clarkson University, while furthering our reputation nationwide.

President of Clarkson Univeristy with CEO


The Clarkson CEO chapter values building crucial and unforgettable experiences.  We pride ourselves on giving all members the opportunity to build and utilize business relationships and help foster leadership characteristics.  We see the club as an incubator for potential entrepreneurs and ensure our members are trained to be successful for any future endeavors they may pursue.

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Meet Our Executive Board

John Exley - President

Amber Eastman - Chief Operating Officer

Jacob McCrindle - Chief Financial Officer

Josh "The Future" Fogarty - General Manager of The Kiosk

Jonathan Green - Resident Advisor of the CEO Floor

Courtney Burke - Director of Membership

Amy Palmer - Executive Assistant

What's New?

We have recently launched the Clarkson CEO Store website.  Now you can support Clarkson's entrepreneurs by purchasing from the Kiosk online.


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Why Join?

CEO Club is not exclusive to business majors; we currently have a wide variety of disciplines ranging from Bimolecular Science to Mathematics to Psychology.  If you have ever thought about running your own business or would just like to learn about the field of entrepreneurship, CEO Club is the place.  CEO will give you the chance to actively experience business and leadership by involving its members is several of the various projects and ventures.  In CEO, you will learn a large amount about entrepreneurship and also make friends that will last a lifetime.  Throughout your journey at CEO you will be able to network, listen to guest speakers, increase your entrepreneurial knowledge, build confidence, strengthen the impact of your résumé, and most importantly, have fun!